Internet advertising

Most online advertising options are much more economical than other methods of promoting goods and services. In addition, almost all types of advertising on the Internet have an individual approach to clients and therefore are more effective.

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The modern Internet space is a great place to place advertising information. The features of human behavior on the World Wide Web are constantly being studied by modern psychologists and marketers, since the structure of building modern search engines, robots and sites allows you to more closely interact with the target audience, find your own consumer, keep him and motivate him to make a purchase.

The advantages of advertising on the Internet include:

  • Profitability. The cost of web promotion is much lower than any other option.
  • Unlimited possibilities. The options for advertising, explicit or implicit, have little or no limitations. New ideas and strategies are emerging every day to gain consumer confidence.
  • Speed. The speed of information dissemination is enormous. With a qualitative approach, you can get instant results. The speed of information dissemination can sometimes take only a few minutes.
  • The inconvenience is a lot of competition. There is so much information on the web that you need to constantly search for options to stand out and focus on your advertising.


Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is short ads that are placed on the site in the form of text material. These options are usually displayed on a page that is relevant to the topic and attractive to a particular consumer. To date, ads served in the form of contest advertising are considered the most effective option for promoting goods and services that bring real profit to companies. The largest search engines are actively promoting and constantly improving services for placing and promoting contextual advertising. In Russia, the most popular platforms for placing this kind of advertising are Google AdWords.

Contextual advertising gives a quick, almost instantaneous result, but its effect is quite short-term. Such advertising will be effective only while the demonstration is in progress. Moreover, the price of the issue can be controversial, since it is formed daily on the basis of an auction. The cost of a high-frequency request can be quite high. Most often, when connecting contextual advertising, small and medium-sized companies use low-frequency and medium-frequency query options, which allows them to reach a narrow but more interested audience.

Social media advertising

Despite the seeming simplicity and openness of social networks, the development of sites will require a lot of effort and financial investment. Especially at the very beginning of the journey. It is rather difficult to predict development options in terms of timing and costs. Since social networks are the most mobile structures, their development trends are practically unpredictable. But it is these platforms that allow you to directly reach the target audience and get not only the effect of the advertising itself, but also the feedback from the consumer. This allows you to actively use various loyalty programs and improve your products and market promotion.

Many large companies are actively using social media. They launch their own media networks on these sites, taking into account the interests of the audience. Moreover, the format with which they enter this market may differ significantly from the general principle of promoting the company's goods and services.

It is preferable to start the launch of advertising campaigns with the platforms in social networks, since they give an instant reaction of users to certain proposals and form of presentation.

Email newsletter

A few years ago, e-mail advertising was at the peak of its popularity and occupied a significant share of the advertising market. At the moment, she is just a small part of the marketing department's job. This is due to the tremendous work that Internet postal services have done in the fight against spam mailings. But if we move away from spam as such, then this kind of mailing can be quite effective.

It is necessary to understand the psychology of the consumer receiving a particular letter. Ideally, this should be a subscriber or a regular customer who has agreed to receive letters from the company, including advertising.

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