31 August 2020
Find out more about the capabilities of the EasySite platform

Lightness and simplicity

EasySite is designed specifically for small businesses. Maximum simplicity and ease of use, nothing superfluous, complicated and heavy. You can create your own online store website in a few minutes. You don't have to tinker with complicated settings or hire programmers. Check out the Demo and see for yourself right now.



The EasySite platform is uniquely designed and carefully optimized for the fastest possible performance. Pages open almost instantly, which creates a positive impression on visitors.


Site design

The site is ready to work immediately after registration with a classic design. If you wish, you can download an additional design "Neon". Or change it to your preference by editing the CSS.



Today, many people access the Internet from mobile devices. The EasySite platform automatically adjusts the site to fit the screen. Smartphone users will be able to use your site without restrictions. You don't have to configure anything for this.

In addition, you can administer your site from your smartphone.



Sites powered by EasySite are protected by an SSL encryption certificate. All transmitted information between the site and visitors will be encrypted.

In addition, EasySite can work even if JavaScript is disabled in the visitors' browser. Some people prefer to disable it for increased security and simply leave sites that do not work without JavaScript.



The number of products to be posted on the site is practically unlimited. You can place products in folders and subfolders, the number of levels of which is also unlimited.

Products can be assigned various statuses, for example: hit, special offer, out of stock, etc.

Convenient system of discounts. A discount can be set for a specific product or a group of products. Discounts can also be provided to regular customers.

You can assign parameters to products and then use the filter for instant search.


Import and export

If you have a store and a range of products, then you probably already keep records in ERP. In this case, you can transfer your products to your online store on the EasySite platform using XML.

Or you have a price list in Excel. You can also upload it to the site.

You can also upload the catalog from the site to an XML file.


Electronic registry

If you provide services to your clients, for example, a hairdressing salon, then they will be able to see your schedule and sign up for free time.



When visitors place an order on the site, notifications will come to your email. Thus, you can quickly respond and communicate with customers.



When ordering, customers will be able to specify the payment and delivery options you have set. If necessary, you can integrate the online payment button by simply copying the button code of your payment system.


By the way, this site also works on the EasySite platform :)

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