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  • enhances status and reputation. An organization claiming leadership will not be limited to social media groups;
  • provides a convenient and unique service to customers that cannot be implemented otherwise;
  • allows you to attract new customers through the search engines;
  • helps to retain loyal customers by automatically providing discounts and bonuses.

Today, if a company is not represented on the Internet, it is as if it does not exist for many potential customers.

At the same time, it is also impossible to abandon social networks. Facebook and twitter are ideal for posting news, Instagram for posting photos, and YouTube videos. Social networks can be compared to a cafe or bar where friends meet and have fun, share news and impressions. And the site is like a presentable office with detailed information laid out on the shelves, with a manager ready to answer questions, a cash desk where you can make a purchase.

The modern world exists in two states at once - real and online, which cannot be separated from each other. Today, almost every person has access to the Internet and it has become an integral part of life. Before visiting a real store or office, people want to look into it virtually using the site. The site seems to have turned into an additional room of a real office. For some companies, this part of the office has even become the main one, since the main interaction with clients takes place there.

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